How To Develop into a Woke Celeb!

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    1. there's no honor or loyalty among thieves..It's a snake eating its tail.. that's what I said there it's a dog eat dog world and there ain't enough dog to go around and if you choose to go with them and sell out, when they're done with you they're going to eat you too.

    2. The modern left is desperate to be controlled and told what to think because they’re afraid that thinking for themselves and logically makes them a bad person. This is why they are after the kids, they know that establishing guilt and rewarding victimhood early means generations of adults are much more willing and open to being told what to do…you know, for the sake of (insert victim classification of your choice here).

    3. is it just that we are disapointed in our celebrities or rather that our love of them in the 1st place was misplaced; Even before they became woke!?

      We love entertainers instead of seeking the truly pious.

      We seek those that are popular instead of seeking wisdom!

    4. Hollywood loves:






      Public school

      Hollywood Hates:







      Individual sanctity


      Private school

    5. So how do you evict your soul has to make money by advertising mainstream media I've been trying to do it for a while but the pesky thing just won't leave and it claims tenants rights and has a landlord of my soul I just want it out for a higher paying tenant. #gentrify the space your soul once occupied.

    6. So let me get this straight if a white person says a word that only black people are allowed to say, that's racist? How about black people are racist because they don't allow white people to say a word that only black people can say. now if white people had a word that only white people I'm pretty sure black people would say that's racist. Blanco-ier can only be said between white people and no person of another race can say it.

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