How childhood trauma impacts well being throughout a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris

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Childhood trauma is not one thing you simply recover from as you develop up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated …



  1. I discovered that I have ADHD, I have had chronic dépressive episodes since childhood, anxiety, ptsd over and over again. All that from neglect, abuse and bullying. I want to cry, Thank you for seeing people like us and trying to help..

  2. This woman is amazing. Dr. Harris I'd love to be like you one day my god!!! Healing the children of our nation.
    Always so curious to study these types of difficulties. I would love to see information regarding adults with high ACE scores who have done the most difficult- healed. This also begs my question, does one ever fully, truly heal from trauma? Especially trauma that is intensely severe, and if so, how? Can there really be one singular method that is effective in treating these high scoring ACE adults? What about children?
    I love all the questions this video allows me to ponder about. Thank you Dr. and Ted!

  3. Thank you for sharing,i wish my parents never created me,its better to give your kids up for adoption,have an abortion,use protection instead of having them and giving them a life they will have to recover from

  4. I found this 7 years after it was posted… what a wonderful analysis and it is true… child adversity affects everyone. The bear coming home every night did it for me… an eternity to find this wise words, It's never too late to start healing

  5. Having grown up as the scapegoat in a family with 2 narcissistic parents, I can confirm from personal experience that this is true. I am 61 years old, have suffered a lifetime of narcissistic relationships due to a strong trauma bond. In the past couple of years, I have come to understand this at a cellular level and am now healing. The effect of a traumatic childhood with physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse is so hard to overcome, not only because of the trauma itself, but also because even some of the most reputable therapists don't understand this, therefore, they don't treat it. The best therapist I have ever had was recently, a very young woman who worked for the local domestic violence center. I am thankful for her, because she helped me dig into the past and understand where the trauma began.

  6. Children REQUIRE a happy childhood. Not a privileged childhood, or a pampered, or spoiled childhood. Simply a happy childhood where they are treated with respect and love and understanding.

    Thank you, Dr. Harris. I pray you continue your mission and spread your wisdom all over the world!

  7. I’ve got chronic bloating and have now found out it’s due to cptsd and finally getting counselling now at 28. I cut off the only family I had rightfully and don’t have any real friends living in an adult hostel as a consequence of my messed up childhood

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